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We’d Like Your Help – Talking to Crazy Book Launch

Dear Friends, We’d like your help with promoting the book launch of Dr. Goulston’s new book, Talking to Crazy.  What follows are an email (which you can use as a template whenever you’re wanting to introduce someone to someone else among your contacts) to send to your contacts and then sample Tweets, LinkedIn and Facebook […]

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The Gotta Have It Story and Assessment

Q: What do all the customers lined up around the block outside an Apple Store the first day a new product becomes available have in common? A: They’re all thinking, “I gotta have it!” That is what occurred to me a year ago when I decided that I am not going to try to persuade […]

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HBR – How to Know If You Talk Too Much

You may have heard the saying, “When you’re in love, smoke gets in your eyes.” Well when you’re talking, smoke gets in your eyes and ears. Once you’re on a roll, it’s very easy to not notice that you’ve worn out your welcome. You may not even realize that the other person is politely trying to get […]

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